Monday, February 21, 2011

La Grenouille

Watching Mitchel Roux's service was a nice lead up to our dinner at La Grenouille. It was like stepping back in time to another era - classical French cooking presented the classical way with great attention to detail. Nice to be back in the world of silver service.

The food was authentic and delicious and the evening perfect. Good food, wine and friends create an excellent relaxing atmosphere which is only reinforced by the service. The duck magret was near perfect, the foi gras good, the veal better than any other and even the vegetarian courses were aromatic and appetizing. Brussels sprouts never tasted as good as they did in that ravioli with truffle cream.

The highlight of the evening were the desserts. Especially the soufle - Grand Marnier and caramel. Ethereally light and delightful. The chocolate gateau was sinfully chocolaty without being overwhelming and the tarte pomme perfect.

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